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Table 4 Summary on combinations of two small RNAs (small RNA1 with small RNA2) which together completely discriminate metastasis subtypes (lymphogen, occult and their combination) from non-metastasized seminoma employing support vector machines

From: Small RNAs in the peripheral blood discriminate metastasized from non-metastasized seminoma

Non versus metastasized (lymphogen and occult, n = 87) Non versus lymphogen metastasized (n = 87 from 891) Non versus occult metastasized (=87 from 668)
Small RNA1 Small RNA2 Small RNA1 Small RNA2 Small RNA1 Small RNA2
let-7f-1 mir-191 let-7a-1 mir-192 let-7a-1 mir-223
let-7f-1 mir-574 let-7a-1 mir-191 let-7a-1 mir-574
let-7f-2 mir-191 let-7a-1 mir-532 let-7a-1 mir-4454
mir-18a mir-532 let-7a-1 ENST00000516594 let-7a-2 mir-223
mir-19b-1 mir-342 let-7a-1 ENST00000363271 let-7a-2 mir-574
mir-19b-1 ENST00000517209 let-7a-1 ENST00000459091 let-7a-2 mir-4454
mir-19b-2 mir-342 let-7a-1 ENST00000516350 let-7a-3 mir-223
mir-19b-2 ENST00000517209 let-7a-1 ENST00000517209 let-7a-3 mir-574
mir-28 mir-574 let-7a-1 ENST00000516501 let-7a-3 mir-4454
mir-29a mir-223 let-7a-1 ENST00000516507 let-7b mir-16-1
mir-29a mir-574 let-7a-1 ENST00000363865 let-7b mir-19b-1
mir-93 mir-532 let-7a-1 ENST00000362808 let-7b mir-19b-2
mir-99a mir-574 let-7a-1 ENST00000364409 let-7b mir-22
mir-192 ENST00000459091 let-7a-1 ENST00000363745 let-7b mir-23a
mir-197 mir-92b let-7a-1 ENST00000461337 let-7b mir-24-1
mir-197 mir-4454 let-7a-2 mir-192 let-7b mir-24-2
mir-183 mir-191 let-7a-2 mir-191 let-7b mir-25
mir-223 mir-145 let-7a-2 mir-532 let-7b mir-26a-1
mir-223 mir-423 let-7a-2 ENST00000516594 let-7b mir-26b
mir-223 mir-664 let-7a-2 ENST00000363271 let-7b mir-28
mir-223 ENST00000459091 let-7a-2 ENST00000459091 let-7b mir-29a
mir-30b mir-574 let-7a-2 ENST00000516350 let-7b mir-29b-1
mir-125b-1 mir-130a let-7a-2 ENST00000517209 let-7b mir-29b-2
mir-130a mir-142 let-7a-2 ENST00000516501 let-7b mir-103a-2
mir-130a mir-125b-2 let-7a-2 ENST00000516507 let-7b mir-103a-1
mir-130a mir-150 let-7a-2 ENST00000363865 let-7b mir-107
mir-130a mir-186 let-7a-2 ENST00000362808 let-7b mir-16-2
mir-130a mir-361 let-7a-2 ENST00000364409 let-7b mir-192
mir-130a mir-340 let-7a-2 ENST00000363745 let-7b mir-197
mir-130a mir-342 let-7a-2 ENST00000461337 let-7b mir-181a-2
mir-130a mir-574 let-7a-3 mir-192 let-7b mir-182
mir-140 mir-342 let-7a-3 mir-191 let-7b mir-181a-1
mir-140 mir-532 let-7a-3 mir-532 let-7b mir-221
mir-142 mir-326 let-7a-3 ENST00000516594 let-7b mir-223
mir-142 mir-423 let-7a-3 ENST00000363271 let-7b mir-23b
mir-142 mir-425 let-7a-3 ENST00000459091 let-7b mir-125b-1
mir-142 mir-451a let-7a-3 ENST00000516350 let-7b mir-130a
mir-191 mir-92b let-7a-3 ENST00000517209 let-7b mir-140
mir-29c mir-342 let-7a-3 ENST00000516501 let-7b mir-142
mir-29c mir-574 let-7a-3 ENST00000516507 let-7b mir-191
mir-378a mir-532 let-7a-3 ENST00000363865 let-7b mir-125a
mir-378a mir-574 let-7a-3 ENST00000362808 let-7b mir-125b-2
mir-342 mir-423 let-7a-3 ENST00000364409 let-7b mir-126
mir-342 mir-425 let-7a-3 ENST00000363745 let-7b mir-186
mir-342 mir-3676 let-7a-3 ENST00000461337 let-7b mir-320a
mir-342 ENST00000387347 let-7b mir-192 let-7b mir-106b
mir-342 ENST00000482884 let-7b mir-191 let-7b mir-29c
mir-326 mir-532 let-7b mir-532 let-7b mir-296
mir-326 mir-574 let-7b ENST00000516594 let-7b mir-26a-2
mir-326 ENST00000517209 let-7b ENST00000363271 let-7b mir-361
mir-423 mir-574 let-7b ENST00000459091 let-7b mir-378a
mir-425 mir-532 let-7b ENST00000516350 let-7b mir-340
mir-425 mir-629 let-7b ENST00000517209 let-7b mir-328
mir-425 ENST00000517209 let-7b ENST00000516501 let-7b mir-342
mir-451a mir-574 let-7b ENST00000516507 let-7b mir-326
mir-484 mir-574 let-7b ENST00000363865 let-7b mir-151a
mir-532 mir-92b let-7b ENST00000362808 let-7b mir-331
mir-532 mir-625 let-7b ENST00000364409 let-7b mir-324
mir-532 mir-660 let-7b ENST00000363745 let-7b mir-339
mir-532 ENST00000482884 let-7b ENST00000461337 let-7b mir-345
mir-92b mir-574 let-7d mir-192 let-7b mir-423
mir-574 mir-625 let-7d mir-191 let-7b mir-425
mir-574 mir-454 let-7d mir-532 let-7b mir-451a
mir-574 mir-664 let-7d ENST00000516594 let-7b mir-484
mir-574 mir-4454 let-7d ENST00000363271 let-7b mir-505
mir-574 ENST00000516594 let-7d ENST00000459091 let-7b mir-532
mir-574 ENST00000363271 let-7d ENST00000516350 let-7b mir-574
mir-574 ENST00000459091 let-7d ENST00000517209 let-7b mir-652
mir-574 ENST00000516350 let-7d ENST00000516501 let-7b mir-766
mir-574 ENST00000516507 let-7d ENST00000516507 let-7b mir-744
mir-574 ENST00000363865 let-7d ENST00000363865 let-7b mir-1260a
mir-574 ENST00000362808 let-7d ENST00000362808 let-7b mir-1280
mir-574 ENST00000364409 let-7d ENST00000364409 let-7b mir-1260b
mir-574 ENST00000363745 let-7d ENST00000363745 let-7b mir-4286
mir-574 ENST00000387347 let-7d ENST00000461337 let-7b mir-3676
mir-574 ENST00000459949 let-7f-1 mir-192 let-7b mir-4454
mir-574 ENST00000461337 let-7f-1 mir-191 let-7b ENST00000516572
mir-1260a ENST00000459091 let-7f-1 mir-532 let-7b ENST00000516351
mir-3676 ENST00000517209 let-7f-1 ENST00000516594 let-7b ENST00000516461
mir-4454 ENST00000459091 let-7f-1 ENST00000363271 let-7b ENST00000516775
mir-4454 ENST00000466665 let-7f-1 ENST00000459091 let-7b ENST00000516594
ENST00000516572 ENST00000459091 let-7f-1 ENST00000516350 let-7b ENST00000365160
ENST00000516351 ENST00000459091 let-7f-1 ENST00000517209 let-7b ENST00000363271
ENST00000459091 ENST00000463508 let-7f-1 ENST00000516501 let-7b ENST00000459091
ENST00000459091 ENST00000482884 let-7f-1 ENST00000516507 let-7b ENST00000516350
ENST00000459091 ENST00000488123 let-7f-1 ENST00000363865 let-7b ENST00000517209
ENST00000517209 ENST00000482884 let-7f-1 ENST00000362808 let-7b ENST00000516501
  1. From the total number of small RNA combinations per group (shown in parenthesis) only 87 combinations per group are presented.