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Table 2 Drugs that alter PC3 gene expression most similarly to ETV4 depletion

From: Prostate cancer ETS rearrangements switch a cell migration gene expression program from RAS/ERK to PI3K/AKT regulation

Rank Drug Target P value
1 Sirolimus (Rapamycin) mTOR <0.00001
2 LY-294002 PI3K <0.00001
3 Trichostatin A HDAC 0.00002
4 Alexidine Tyrosine Phosphatase 0.00004
5 Wortmannin PI3K 0.00006
  1. Gene expression changes from small molecule treatments of PC3 cells in the Connectivity Map database [29] were compared to gene expression changes previously reported for ETV4 depletion in PC3 cells [25]. Small molecules that elucidated changes most similar to ETV4 depletion are rank ordered by P value.