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Table 1 Signal molecules activated or upregulated by COX and LOX metabolites

From: Lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase metabolism: new insights in treatment and chemoprevention of pancreatic cancer

Metaboltes Activated Molecules References
13-HODE PKCĪ± Liu et al, 1995
12-HETE PKCĪ± Liu et al, 1997
12-HETE c-Src Szekeres et al, 2000
12-HETE PI3 kinase Szekeres et al, 2000
5-HETE PI3 kinase Ding et al, 2001
5-HETE tyrosine kinase Ding et al, 2001
5-HETE/12-HETE P38 kinase Ding et al, 2001
PGE2 VEGF Pai et al, 2001
12-HETE ERK1/2 Ding et al, 2001
PGE2/EP3 receptor Ras/MEK/ERK Yano et al, 2002
PGE2 EGF receptor Pai et al, 2002
PGE2/EP4 IL-6 release Fiebich et al, 2001
PGE2/EP2/EP4 PI3 kinase/GSK Fujino et al, 2002
PGE2 STAT Liu et al, 2002
LTB4 ERK1/2 Tong et al, 2002