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Figure 2

From: Expression of biomarkers modulating prostate cancer angiogenesis: Differential expression of annexin II in prostate carcinomas from India and USA

Figure 2

The photomicrograph of representative prostate archival specimens immunostained with anti-Anx-II (A-D) and anti-COX-2 (E-H) antibodies at magnification × 200 shows positively stained Anx-II regions of normal epithelia (open arrows) and BPH as opposed to loss of Anx-II in PCa. High grade PIN is negative. The COX-2 immunostaining staining is present in high grade PIN but decreases in intensity from moderately-differentiated carcinoma to poorly-differentiated carcinoma. BPH and normal epithelia are negative. The stromal cells in the areas of poorly differentiated PCa however stain strongly.

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