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Figure 5

From: Overexpression of CCL-21/Secondary Lymphoid Tissue Chemokine in Human Dendritic Cells Augments Chemotactic Activities for Lymphocytes and Antigen Presenting Cells

Figure 5

IL-12 p70 and IL-10 production by AdCCL-21-DC. Human monocyte-derived DC were transduced with AdCCL-21 and AdCV at an MOI of 50:1 and 100:1 at 37°C for 2 hrs by the standard method. 1.0 × 105non-transduced DC (Mo-DC), AdCCL-21-DC and AdCV-DC were plated into a 24 well plate in 1 ml of culture medium in presence or absence of the appropriate stimulation for IL-12p70 (γ-IFN and LPS) or IL-10 (LPS). After 48 hrs induction, supernatants from stimulated and non-stimulated DC (non-transduced DC, AdCCL-21-DC and AdCV-DC) were harvested and measured for IL-12p70 and IL-10 concentrations by specific ELISA. Values refer to cytokine concentrations expressed in nanograms per million cells 48 after stimulation (96 hrs after transduction) and are representative of three separate experiments.

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