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Figure 1

From: Scambio, a novel guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rho

Figure 1

Cloning of Scambio(A) Deduced amino acid sequence of Scambio. The DH (amino acids 1085–1253) and PH (amino acids 1265–1372) domains are underlined with solid and dashed lines, respectively. The original yeast two-hybrid positive cDNA starts at amino acid 769, as indicated with an arrow. (B) Schematic representation of the human Scambio gene structure. The size of each of the 24 exons is indicated in nucleotides below the top schematic. The number of amino acid residues encoded by each exon is shown beneath the bottom schematic. (C) Northern blot analysis of human Scambio expression. RNAs are as indicated. The filter was hybridized to a cDNA probe and washed to 2.5 × SSC at 65°C (left panel). An ethidium bromide-stained gel serves as a loading control (right panel). (D) Western blot analysis of lysates from various mouse tissues. HA-Sabi (Scambio), vector control transfected CHO-K1 lysates and tissue lysates as indicated (top panel) were immunoblotted with antibodies that recognize the C-terminal domain of 78-3. Blots were also incubated with anti-GAPDH antibodies as a loading control (bottom panel).

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