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Table 1 Correlation analyses for signal intensity values (gene expression levels) and signal log2 ratios (gene expression changes) in HCT116 derivative and parental cells, using microarray expression data for all genes.

From: Comparison of gene expression in HCT116 treatment derivatives generated by two different 5-fluorouracil exposure protocols

Pair of variables Gene expression levels (r-values) Gene expression changes (r-values)
Bolus3 and Bolus1 0.970 0.603
  and ContinB 0.971 0.674
  and ContinD 0.957 0.457
  and parental 0.947  
Bolus1 and ContinB 0.963 0.531
  and ContinD 0.963 0.382
  and parental 0.959  
ContinB and ContinD 0.954 0.428
  and parental 0.944  
ContinD and parental 0.968  
  1. Results of correlation analyses are presented as correlation coefficients (r-values). All correlations were significant, with p-values = 0.00.