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Table 3 Comparison between the transcript quantification efficiencies of StaRT-PCR and Real Time PCR: Due to the intrinsic differences between the two techniques of transcript quantification, the Spearman rank correlation method was used to compare the transcript quantification efficiencies for the two methods. The transcript numbers for each gene quantified by both methods at the chosen experimental conditions (2 cell lines, 2 confluence levels, 3 initial RNA amounts-all in triplicate, a total of 36 values) were ranked by relative transcript abundance and compared. p values <0.05 are considered significant. High correlation between both methods was observed.

From: Sensitivity and reproducibility of standardized-competitive RT-PCR for transcript quantification and its comparison with real time RT-PCR

Spearman correlation between StaRT-PCR and Real Time PCR methods with 95% CI
Markers Correlation 95% CI* p value
Rb 0.679 (0.451–0.824) <0.01
E2F1 0.707 (0.493–0.840) <0.01
p16 0.781 (0.609–0.883) <0.01
PCNA 0.829 (0.688–0.910) <0.01
  1. *Based on Fisher's transformation of the correlation coefficient