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Table 1 Clinical data for the primary tumours used in this study.

From: A cluster of genes located in 1p36 are down-regulated in neuroblastomas with poor prognosis, but not due to CpG island methylation

Patients/cell lines NB stage 1p-del Ploidi Outcome
18F8 2A neg   NED
20S9 2 neg   NED
23S4 2 neg 3n NED
25S9 2 neg   NED
4F1 4 neg   DOD
10S2A 4 pos   DOD
13S0 4 pos   DOD
13S1 3 pos   DOD
15S3 4 neg/pos   DOD
17S2 4 neg   DOD
  1. Column 3: 1p-del, 1p-deletion; neg, negative; pos, positive; neg/pos; ambiguous results based on microsatellite marker analysis (according to Martinsson et al. [6]) and FISH. Column 5: NED, no evidence of disease; DOD, dead of disease.