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Table 1 Summary of transfected cells

From: Stable expression of constitutively-activated STAT3 in benign prostatic epithelial cells changes their phenotype to that resembling malignant cells

   Growth Factor G418 FLAG EGFP Growth In
Cell Plasmid Dependence Sensitivity Epitope Expression Simple Medium
NRP-152 none x x - - -
152-pIRES pIRES-EGFP x - - x -
152-S3c pIRES-S3c - - x x x
BPH-1 none n/a x - - n/a
BPH-pIRES pIRES-EGFP n/a - - x n/a
BPH-S3c pIRES-S3c n/a - x x n/a
  1. The table summarizes the cells used or made in the experiments described. Cells were transfected with the indicated plasmid, as described in Materials & Methods. G418 was added at 400 μg/ml. Growth factors were those added to 152 medium, but not to 154 medium, as described in Materials and Methods, for NRP-152 cells and transfectants.
  2. X = presence of characteristic; --- = absence of characteristic.