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Table 2 Toxicity to valproate expressed by number of patients suffering the event

From: Histone acetylation and histone deacetylase activity of magnesium valproate in tumor and peripheral blood of patients with cervical cancer. A phase I study

Toxicity 4 patients at each dose level (mg/kg)
  20 30 40
Depressed level of consciousness* 3 (g2) 3(g2) 1(g1), 3(g2)
Nausea - 1 (g1), 1(g2) 1 (g2)
Diarrhea - - -
Fatigue 3 (g2) 1(g2) -
Anorexia - 1(g2) -
Dizziness/lightheadedness - 1(g2) -
  1. *Grade 2 toxicity. All others were grade 1.
  2. Depressed level of consciousness (g1: somnolence or sedation not interfering with function; g2: somnolence or sedation interfering with function but not interfering with activities of daily living; g3: obtundation or stupor, difficulty to arouse, interfering with daily living; g4) coma.