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Figure 6

From: Ectopic expression of PTTG1/securin promotes tumorigenesis in human embryonic kidney cells

Figure 6

Introduction of PTTG in HEK293 cells induces secretion and expression of bFGF, VEGF and IL-8. HEK293 cells were transiently transfected with pcDNA3.1 or pcDNA3.1-PTTG1 cDNA. The culture medium was collected and lyophilized. bFGF, VEGF and IL-8 secreted in culture medium were measured by ELISA. A: Amount of bFGF, VEGF and IL-8 in culture medium. Vector: cells transfected with pcDNA3.1 vector DNA; PTTG1: Cells transfected with pcDNA3.1-PTTG1 cDNA. B: Expression of bFGF, VEGF and IL-8 mRNA in cells. Lane 1: pcDNA3.1 transfected cells and Lane 2: pcDNA3.1-PTTG1 transfected cells. GAPDH was used as an internal control. The data are representative of two independent experiments.

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