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Figure 3

From: Tissue transglutaminase-induced alterations in extracellular matrix inhibit tumor invasion

Figure 3

TG2 expression in the stroma is closely associated with the formation of isopeptide bonds. Tissue sections from 3 selected patients with breast cancer that showed high TG2 expression in the stroma were incubated simultaneously with rabbit anti-TG2 antibody and mouse anti-isopeptide monoclonal antibody. Anti-mouse IgG Alexa 488 and goat anti-rabbit IgG Alexa 546 were used as secondary antibodies to localize the presence of TG2 (A, C, E) and isopeptide (B, D, F), respectively. In a control experiment (G, H), a tissue sample lacking TG2 expression in the tumor and the stroma was used in a similar way (two primary and 2 secondary antibodies) to determine the specificity of the antigen-antibody reactions.

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