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Table 1 Main epigenetic alterations in cervical cancer

From: Epigenetics of cervical cancer. An overview and therapeutic perspectives

Alteration Meaning
Methylation of HPV-E2 binding sites De-repression of E6 and E7 HPV oncoproeteins?
Methyation at HPV-E6 and E7 LCR Cause or consequence of E6/E7 over-expression?
E6 and/or E7 interaction with DNMTs? Silencing of cellular tumor suppressor genes?
Interaction between E7 with HDACs Aid for cell transformation
Interaction between E6 with HATs Aid for cell transformation
Host cell-related  
Regional DNA hypermethylation Silencing of tumor suppressor genes
Global DNA hypomethylation Genomic instability?, oncogen over-expression?
Abnormal pattern of chromatin Unknown
Loss of imprinting at H19/IGF2 loci Tumor progression?
H3 hyper-phosphorylation & acetylation Associated with carcinogenesis Progression