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Figure 4

From: Evaluation of genome-wide chromatin library of Stat5 binding sites in human breast cancer

Figure 4

Genomic localization of cloned Stat5-chromatin interaction sites from T-47D human breast cancer cells. A karyogram of the human genome illustrates the loci of the cloned Stat5 binding sites. Each site is designated by the CCF number and is localized to its specific area of the genome, based on BLAST alignment. CCFs positive by EMSA are labeled "E", and CCFs positive by ChIP are labeled "C". The genomic localization and two nearest genes of each verified CCF is given by the genomic position of the centrally located nucleotide: CCF#5: 8q12.1:58980112 (LOC389663-similar to hypothetical protein; MGC39325-hypothetical protein); CCF#18: 3q29:193835263 (FGF12-fibroblast growth factor 12; LOC151963-similar to BcDNA:GH11415 gene product); CCF#23: 5q33.1:147357743 (LOC391839-similar to elongation factor 1 gamma; SPINK5-serine protease inhibitor, Kazal type, 5); CCF#28: 6q24.1:142177080 (LOC340149-hypothetical protein; NMBR-neuromedin B receptor); CCF#29: 6q13:74774694 (CD109 antigen); SLC17A5-solute carrier family 17 (anion/sugar transporter) member 5). Other CCFs include: CCF#11: 7q31.1:111547940; CCF#14: 15q11.2:21265800; CCF#21: 18q21.2:49639649; CCF#25: Xq28:153691722; CCF#30: 1p34.1:43842775.

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