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Figure 2

From: Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2 promotes ovarian cancer cell invasion

Figure 2

IGFBP2 overexpressing promotes ovarian cancer cell invasion. (A) IGFBP2 expression of six ovarian cancer cell lines. The western blotting analysis shows that the expression level of IGFBP2 is heterogeneous in cell lines. SKOV3 and OV-90 ovarian cancer cell lines have very low endogenous IGFBP2. NIH:OVCAR3, PA-1 and TOV-112D have high levels of IGFBP2 expression whereas TOV-21G has relatively moderate expression of IGFBP2. (B) Two vector transfected clones and three IGFBP2 stable clones with different expression level were obtained. The expression of IGFBP2 was determined by western blotting analysis (p: parental SKOV3 cell line, v: vector transfected cell lines, b: IGFBP2 stable cell lines). (C) The invasion capacity of stable clones showed that IGFBP2 overexpressing cells have invasion potential as 1.84 – 2.89 fold as parental and vector transfected cells. (*p < 0.05)

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