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Table 1 Doubling time for A549 and A549/p21 clones.

From: Stable low-level expression of p21WAF1/CIP1 in A549 human bronchogenic carcinoma cell line-derived clones down-regulates E2F1 mRNA and restores cell proliferation control

  Doubling time (hours)1
Sample w/ w/o
  antibiotic 2 antibiotic
A549 (parental) NA3 22.3
A549/p21 clone 1 39.3 38.5
clone 29 39.5 38.2
clone 30 39.3 39.3
clone 32 38.2 37.7
  1. 1) Doubling time was calculated by plotting the graph of cell count vs. time using the third degree polynomial. 2) Populations grown in 450 μg/mL G418 (minimum lethal dose 100). 3) No growth of parental A549 in medium containing selectable antibiotic; all populations grown in RPMI and 10% FBS.