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Figure 1

From: Active Stat3 is required for survival of human squamous cell carcinoma cells in serum-free conditions

Figure 1

Stat3 phosphorylation correlates with human skin SCC malignancy. NHEK cells were grown for 48 hours in KGM-2 growth media and HaCaT, SRB12-p9 and SRB1-m7 cells were grown for 48 hours in normal growth media containing 0.5% serum, followed by culture for 2 hours in SFM and then treated for 30 min with 100 IU/ml IFN-α. Whole cell extracts were purified, subjected to Western blotting and sequentially probed with antibodies specific to Stat3α, tyrosine 705 phosphorylated Stat3α (Stat3-p) (middle panel), and β-actin as a control for well loading.

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