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Table I Expression of Cdc14A protein in human cancer cell lines as determined by Western blot using anti-hCdc14A antibodies (Ab-2).

From: The p53-targeting human phosphatase hCdc14A interacts with the Cdk1/cyclin B complex and is differentially expressed in human cancers

Cell lines Tumor type Cdc14A expression P53 status
MCF-7 breast high wt
MCF7/ADR-RES   very high mt
MDA-MB-231   high mt
MDA-MB-435   not detected mt
HS 578T   not detected mt
T-47D   low mt
BT-549   high ?
MCF-7*   high wt
MCF-10*   not detected wt
SUM-44*   low ?
SUM-468*   high mt
MDA-MB-436*   low mt
A549/ATCC lung low wt
NCI-H460   not detected wt
NCI-H23   not detected mt
NCI-H322M   not detected mt
EKVX   not detected mt
NCI-H226   high mt
HCI-H522   not detected mt
HOP-62   high mt
HOP-92   high mt
HCT-116 colon low wt
HCT-15   low wt/mt
HT29   high mt
HCC2998   high mt
SW-620   not detected mt
COLO 205   low mt
KM12   low mt
HCT-116*   high wt
HCT-116 p53-/-*   high null
RKO*   low wt
HT29*   high mt
ACHN kidney not detected wt
UO-31   low wt
RXF-393   low mt
CAKI-1   high wt
SN12C   high mt
786-0   high mt
TK-10   high mt
A498   low wt
OVCAR-4 ovary not detected wt
IGROV1   low wt
OVCAR-3   high mt
OVCAR-8   very high mt
OVCAR-5   high mt
SK-OV-3   low mt
SF-539 CNS high wt
SF-295   high mt
SF-268   low mt
SNB-75   high mt
SNB-19   not detected mt
U251   high mt
MOLT-4 leukemia not detected wt
SR   high wt
RPMI-8226   high mt
HL-60(TB)   not detected mt
K-562   low mt
CCRF – CEM   not detected mt
MALME-3M melanoma low wt
SK-MEL-5   not detected wt
UACC-62   not detected wt
LOX IMVI   low wt
SK-MEL-28   not detected mt
M14   not detected mt
UACC-257   not detected wt
SK-MEL-2   not detected wt
DU-145 prostate high mt
PC-3   high mt
PC-3*   low mt
LNCaP*   low wt
J82* bladder very high mt
SK-N-SH* neroblastoma low wt
Sk-N-MC*   low wt
IMR32*   not detected wt
SHSY-SY*   low wt
Normal fibroblasts (NF)* others low wt
COS*   not detected wt
  1. * cell lines grown in the lab. All the other samples were from NCI.