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Table 1 Data of organ transplant (TX) non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) patients or non-TX.

From: Identification of differentially expressed genes in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma by microarray expression profiling

Patient Sex/age (years) TX Time after TX (years) Normal skin AK SCC
1 (BN) F/60 Kidney 23 Insight lower arm (ILAa) Finger (1)b Hand (1)
2 (GM) M/66 Kidney 11 ILAa Lower leg (2) Forehead (2)
3 (MP) M/58 Liver 12 ILAa Lower Legc Lower Leg (3)
4 (DR) M/73 Heart 9 ILAa Head (3) Forehead (4)
5 (JG) M/69 Kidney 2 ILAa (1) Earc(4) Forehead (5)
6 (GH) M/57 Non-TX Head (2) NC NC
7 (WM) F/61 Non-TX Cheek (3) NC NC
8 (WM) F/61 Non-TX Head (4) NC NC
9 (EW) F/74 Non-TX Face (5) NC NC
10 (MG) M/17 Non-TX Fundament (6) NC NC
  1. Normal skin, AK, and SCC biopsies were collected from each TX-patient, and in addition normal skin biopsies were obtained from age-matched immunocompetent patients (non-TX).
  2. a RNA of 5 normal biopsies were pooled.
  3. b The biopsies used for microarray analysis are indicated with numbers in parentheses marked in bold.
  4. c RNA of 2 AK were pooled.
  5. F, female; M, male; AK, actinic keratosis; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; NC, not collected.