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Figure 4

From: Intra-arterial adenoviral mediated tumor transfection in a novel model of cancer gene therapy

Figure 4

Dose curve effect on adenoviral mediated intra-arterial tumor transfection. Tumor bearing animals were infused with 1 × 108 (n = 8), 1 × 109 (n = 8) and 1 × 1010 (n = 8) of Ad-CMV-Luc using the surgical approach described in materials and methods. After intra-arterial adenoviral infusion was completed, the cremasters bearing tumors were left to incubate for 1 hour. After the time had elapsed, clamps were released and rats were left to live for 72 hrs. The rats were then sacrificed and the samples were assayed for luciferase activity as described in materials and methods. The results show dose curve dependant luciferase activity at the tumor site.

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