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Figure 3

From: Identification of novel candidate target genes in amplicons of Glioblastoma multiforme tumors detected by expression and CGH microarray profiling

Figure 3

Amplification at 13q. (A) DNA copy number and expression log2 ratios (black and red dots, respectively) of tumor 39b plotted according to the map position. Moving average of log2-genomic ratios over five neighboring genes are plotted and shown with a grey line. In the table below, amplified and overexpressed genes (in bold), with their corresponding log2-ratios, are detailed. Lost and amplified regions are indicated by green and red bars, respectively, under the graph. The amplified region at 13q32-34 is indicated by a grey square. (B) Amplification at 13q observed in one of the tumors of the TMA by using BAC probes located at 13q32.3 (labeled in red) and 13q33.2 (labeled in green). (C) Amplification on 13q32.3 in another GBM (BAC probes labeled in red). Amplified cells are indicated by arrows. (D) Photomicrograph of tumour tissue with positive expression for TNFSF13B showing cytoplasmic pattern (original magnification ×1000).

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