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Figure 5

From: Expression of full-length p53 and its isoform Δp53 in breast carcinomas in relation to mutation status and clinical parameters

Figure 5

Correlation between mRNA expression level of full-length p53 and Δp53 in relation to different molecular breast cancer subtypes in A. wild-type p53 tumors or B. p53-mutated tumors. Both wild-type samples (A) and mutated samples (B) show a wide range of mRNA expression in a.u. (arbitrary units) with significant association to molecular breast cancer subtypes. Note that the spreading is different in the two groups with a more continuously spreading in the wild-type tumors compared to the mutated onces. Samples are marked by their molecular subtype characteristics: Luminal A (dark blue), Luminal B (light blue), ERBB2 (red), Basal (pink), Normal-like (green) and without information (black). Horizontal lines illustrate borders between the quartiles for wild-type (25% = 0.452; 50% = 0.754 and 75% = 1.022) or mutants (25% = 0.569; 50% = 0.956 and 75% = 1.584). The regression line for all samples is drawn with an equation y = 0.789x + 0.100 and a regression coefficient of 0.86 for wild-type and y = 0.973x - 0.049 and a regression coefficient of 0.85 for the mutant samples.

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