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Figure 2

From: Rhodamine-RCA in vivo labeling guided laser capture microdissection of cancer functional angiogenic vessels in a murine squamous cell carcinoma mouse model

Figure 2

Successful Rd-RCA I lectin guided capture of endothelial cells under inverted 40× magnification. A: Fluorescent labeled angiogenic and functional vessels are distinguished from the surrounding epithelium prior to performing LCM. B: A low-powered infrared laser was pulsed over the targeted cells, which expanded the film on the cap and extracted the entire vessel. C: An intact vessel containing a homogeneous cell population generated for molecular analysis. The presence of RCA-Rhodamine labeled endothelial cells on the "cap" image and the absence of the targeted cells in the "after" microdissection image confirmed successful capture. A power setting of 40 mW and duration of 450 μs were utilized to obtain a 5.0–6.0 μm diameter laser spot size, which permitted precise selection of endothelium using the Pix Cell II Instrument.

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