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Figure 5

From: Rhodamine-RCA in vivo labeling guided laser capture microdissection of cancer functional angiogenic vessels in a murine squamous cell carcinoma mouse model

Figure 5

RT-PCR amplification of housekeeping genes and CD31 endothelial cell markers from LCM derived cells. About 200 endothelial cells were microdissected and captured, the RNA was extracted and amplified. After first strand cDNA synthesis, primers designed for murine CD31 RT-PCR mCD31a:5'TTCTGAACTCCAACAGCGAG-3', 5'-AGGCTCAAGGGAGGACACTT-3' mCD31b: 5'-TGCCGAAGGCCCAAAGAAGA-3', 5'GCTCAGACCTTAGGAAACCG-3, GAPDH and β-Actin were detected by PCR.

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