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Figure 6

From: Pathway analysis of kidney cancer using proteomics and metabolic profiling

Figure 6

Significant Panther Biological Process (p < 0.01) shown in yellow. The RCC 31 protein set is compared to a human reference set of 23,401 translated transcripts and allocated in 242 biological process classes. Two sections of the histogram, encompassing glycolysis and amino acid metabolism pathways, are shown here; the complete histogram is available in Supplemental Fig. 3. Red bars correspond to percentage of proteins attributed to a given process, when looking at the 23,401 human reference set. Blue bars indicate the percentage of proteins from the RCC 31 protein sets in that class. Yellow bars indicate the process which we identified from our proteomic analysis to have a significance greater than 0.01. Glycolysis is the most significant pathway identified by this analysis.

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