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Table 1 LPA and S1P accelerate MT1-MMP-mediated HT1080 invasion in 3D collagen matrices

From: Tumor cell invasion of collagen matrices requires coordinate lipid agonist-induced G-protein and membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase-1-dependent signaling

Condition Rate of Invasion (μm/hr) R2
DMEM 4.930 0.8977
LPA 13.971 0.9986
S1P 15.672 0.9777
LPA + S1P 14.941 0.9916
LPA + GM6001 1.010 0.6971
Luciferase* 13.873 0.9997
Scrambled MT1-MMP* 13.532 0.9988
si MT1-MMP* 5.366 0.9584
  1. HT1080 cells were allowed to invade for 48 hours in the presence or absence of the specified lipid. siRNA treated HT1080 cells (Luciferase, MT1-MMP, or a control scrambled MT1-MMP) invaded in the presence of 1 μM LPA. Invasion distances were obtained with Metamorph® software by measuring pixel distance at each time point (five measurements per time point of duplicate or triplicate experiments.) Rates of invasion were calculated using linear regression analysis. R2 values denote the predictive potential of distance given time where 1.0 equals an exact correlation (* denotes separate experiment).