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Figure 1

From: Perlecan, a candidate gene for the CAPB locus, regulates prostate cancer cell growth via the Sonic Hedgehog pathway

Figure 1

Perlecan protein levels in human prostate tumors. Immunohistochemistry of Perlecan protein in prostate cancer (A) and normal prostate (B). Perlecan is present as a secreted protein in the tumor gland lumens (C) but not in the lumens of benign glands or benign corpora amylacea secretions (D). Staining is also seen in metastatic prostate cancer specimens (E). Secondary antibody alone control fails to demonstrate staining (F). All images originally photographed at 400 × magnification. Quantitation of Perlecan mRNA expression by Real Time PCR (G) or protein by digitized dot blot (H) in normal prostate and tumor samples from individual patients presented as fold change in tumor versus normal. Gleason scores for the tumors are listed. Red numbers or columns indicate patients previously shown to have increased expression of SHH, PTCH1 and GLI1 [7].

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