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Figure 2

From: Perlecan, a candidate gene for the CAPB locus, regulates prostate cancer cell growth via the Sonic Hedgehog pathway

Figure 2

Perlecan expression and functional analysis in cell lines. A. Relative Perlecan mRNA levels from Realtime PCR (LNCaP series) and spotted cDNA microarray data (LNCaP, DU145, PC3). All samples presented normalized to LNCaP at 100%. Androgen sensitive: LNCaP. Androgen insensitive: C4, C4-2, C4-2B, PC3, DU145. B. Inhibition by Perlecan siRNA decreases prostate cancer cell proliferation. BrdU incorporation in the LNCaP, C4, C4-2 and C4-2B cell lines. All samples were normalized to control (scrambled siRNA treated) cells at 100%. Black bars represent control samples transfected with scrambled siRNA. Grey bars represent samples transfected with Perlecan siRNA. Error bars represent n = 3 independent samples. C. Additive effect of Perlecan siRNA and androgen blockade on cell proliferation. BrdU incorporation in LNCaP cells after Perlecan siRNA and/or bicalutimide (Casodex) treatment. Control and Casodex alone samples were treated with a scrambled siRNA. p < 0.0001 for comparisons between groups. Error bars represent n = 6 for independent transfections.

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