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Figure 3

From: Hedgehog pathway activity in the LADY prostate tumor model

Figure 3

Proliferation and associated gene expression in control CD-1 and LADY CG. 3A: Panels A and B: Ki67 staining in six and 16 week CG was limited to a few scattered epithelial cells (A, arrow; B, arrowheads). Panels C and D: Greater than 50% of epithelial cells stained positive for Ki67. 3B: Proliferation associated gene expression changes at six and 16 weeks in control CD-1 and LADY CG. Panel A: Notch1, B: Nestin. 3C: Nestin staining at six and 16 week in Control and LADY CG Panels A and B: Little to no staining at six weeks with a few cells detected at 16 weeks in control CD-1 CG (Arrow = basal-like cell). Panels C and D: Increased nestin expression is observed in 16 week prostate tumor. Asteric = epithelial cells.

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