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Figure 2

From: Pre-apoptotic response to therapeutic DNA damage involves protein modulation of Mcl-1, Hdm2 and Flt3 in acute myeloid leukemia cells

Figure 2

IR decrease Hdm2 protein in HL-60 (p53 -/-) and in primary AML cells. A. HL-60 cells treated with 25 Gy and harvested at indicated time (minutes) demonstrated a rapid decrease in Hdm2 protein after IR. There was no detectable Flt3 protein at 130 kDa. B. Primary AML cells also treated with IR and harvested at indicated time, demonstrated the rapid Flt3 increase and Hdm2 attenuation as previously observed. This was followed by an increase in Hdm2, reflecting functional and elevated p53 protein. Mean intensity on the Western blots were measured and normalized to Actin and to the control. Values shown are arbitrary units and represent one typical experiment.

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