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Figure 3

From: Pre-apoptotic response to therapeutic DNA damage involves protein modulation of Mcl-1, Hdm2 and Flt3 in acute myeloid leukemia cells

Figure 3

Daunorubicin therapy of primary AML cells and cell lines increased Flt3 protein and attenuated Hdm2/Mcl-1. A. Treatment of NB4 and MV4-11 cells with DNR resulted in an increase in Flt3 and a decrease in Hdm2. The mean intensity on one representative Western blot was calculated and normalized to Actin and to the control. The numbers shown are in arbitrary units and represent one typical experiment. The percentage of living cells was determined by flow cytometry. The living cells distinct forward and side scatter properties were used to separate viable cells from dead cells. B. Increasing doses of DNR induce Flt3 and down regulate Hdm2 protein in primary AML cells in vitro. Note that Hdm2 is down regulated in HL-60 cells, a cell line with lack of full length Flt3 protein and with deleted alleles for p53. All wells on the SDS-PAGE gel was loaded with equal amounts of protein, and Coomassie staining of the gel after blotting confirmed this equal loading.

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