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Figure 4

From: Identification of novel androgen receptor target genes in prostate cancer

Figure 4

Gene expression in C4-2B versus LNCaP cells. RNA was extracted from C4-2B and LNCaP cultures that were maintained for two days in CSS-supplemented medium. Gene expression was analyzed side-by-side by RT-qPCR and corrected for 18S rRNA. Bars represent the comparative ratio between the expression in C4-2B and LNCaP cells, where the expression level in LNCaP cells is defined as 1. Included in this Figure are only genes for which the expression levels were significantly different between the two cell lines in two independent experiments (n = 3; Mean ± SD). TRPV3 mRNA was detected in LNCaP cells in only one of the three measurements, and this value was used as the upper limit for TRPV3 expression in these cells. See additional file 4 for details.

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