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Figure 5

From: Identification of novel androgen receptor target genes in prostate cancer

Figure 5

Expression of CD-disclosed genes in PCa tumors. RNA from 47 PCa tumors (columns) was analyzed using Affymetrix U95 A-E microarray sets (21) and results are mined for all probesets (rows) interrogating each of the 32 CD-disclosed genes (Table 1). Heat map shows relative expression for each of the indicated probesets, where darker shades represent higher mRNA levels. Tumors included 23 primary prostate cancers from patients not receiving therapy (primary), 17 primary prostate cancers following 3-month neoadjuvant androgen ablation therapy (primary+AAT), and 7 AR-positive metastatic lesions (mets). All Grade A probesets interrogating each gene are shown, except for probesets 59776_at (WBSCR28) and 36904_at (KIF1A), which did not detect significant expression in any sample. Samples are grouped and ranked as follows. Group I – probesets for the known AR-stimulated genes KLK3/PSA and TMPRSS2. Group II – probesets exhibiting statistically greater mean expression in untreated compared to AAT-treated primary PCa samples (p < 0.05), thereby representing putative AR-stimulated genes. Group III – probesets exhibiting statistically lower mean expression in untreated compared to AAT-treated PCa samples (p < 0.05), thereby representing putative AR-repressed genes. Group IV – probesets exhibiting no statistical difference between samples without or with AAT. Probesets in Groups II-IV are ranked by p-value in descending order.

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