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Table 2 Antibodies used for immunobloting and immunohistochemistry.

From: Phosphorylation of Ser78 of Hsp27 correlated with HER-2/neu status and lymph node positivity in breast cancer

Antibodies Stock conc. (mg/ml) Dilution Cat. no. Sources
Hsp27 (Mouse monoclonal) 0.2 1:1000 Sc-13132 Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, USA
p Ser78 (Mouse monoclonal) 1 1:1000 05–645 Upstate Biotechnology Inc., Lake Placid, NY, USA
p-Ser82 (Rabbit polyclonal) 1 1:1000 07–489 Upstate Biotechnology Inc.
p-Ser15 (Rabbit polyclonal) 1 1:1000 07–388 Upstate Biotechnology Inc.