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Figure 5

From: Transcriptional changes associated with breast cancer occur as normal human mammary epithelial cells overcome senescence barriers and become immortalized

Figure 5

Real-time PCR measurements of gene identified in transcriptional profiling analyses. Representative genes from groups identified as changing expression during selection or immortalization were characterized by real-time PCR analysis (TaqMan™). Genes were selected as representative of classes were described in this study. Each gene is presented as a separate graph, as identified in the figure. Cell lines are presented in the same order in each graph, as listed in the bottom left panel. The finite lifespan samples are shown as pairs, with the pre-stasis sample on the left and the post-selection sample on the right. For each cell line, expression data from Affymetrix GeneChips are shown as blue bars, according to the scale at the left of the graphs. Expression data from real-time PCR of the same samples are shown as yellow bars, according to the scale at the right of the graphs.

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