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Figure 2

From: Gene expression profiles in primary pancreatic tumors and metastatic lesions of Ela-c-myc transgenic mice

Figure 2

Selected genes showing up- or down regulation of mRNA expression by semi quantitative RT-PCR. A) All selected genes showed expression pattern similar to microarray data upon confirmation by sqRT-PCR. A representative data from four Ela-c-myc pancreatic tumors, liver metastatic lesions and normal pancreas is presented. B) RT-PCR showing representative differentially expressed genes in liver metastatic lesions compared to primary pancreatic tumors and normal pancreas. C) Two genes, Igfbp1 and Serpina1a, were verified in human pancreatic cancer cell lines with high (High-met) and low metastatic (Low-met) potentials. Expression patterns of both genes were consistent with the murine microarray and RT-PCR data. D) RT-PCR was performed on RNA from primary pancreatic tumors (PT), liver metastatic lesions (LM) and normal pancreas (NP) with three overlapping primer sets spanning the region from exon 1 to 10. Primary pancreatic tumors showed presence of both wild type Wt1 and Wt1 variant without exon 5, while metastatic lesions either lacked expression or had low levels of Wt1 gene expression (showed a smaller size non-specific PCR product only).

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