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Figure 3

From: Gene expression profiles in primary pancreatic tumors and metastatic lesions of Ela-c-myc transgenic mice

Figure 3

Expression of IGF family genes and proteins. A) Microarray data show that expression of Igf2 is about 10 fold higher in pancreatic tumors compared to liver metastatic lesions and normal pancreas from Ela-myc transgenic mice. While other IGF family proteins only showed modest change. B) Western blot analysis of Insulin like growth factors and their receptor proteins. Western blot was performed in cell lysates prepared from primary pancreatic tumors (PT), liver metastatic lesions (LM) from Ela-c-myc transgenic mice and normal pancreas (NP) from wild type littermates. Consistent with microarray data, PT samples showed noticeably higher protein levels compared to NP samples. A representative data from four PT and four NP samples are presented.

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