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Figure 5

From: Curcumin sensitizes TRAIL-resistant xenografts: molecular mechanisms of apoptosis, metastasis and angiogenesis

Figure 5

Effects of curcumin and/TRAIL on markers of phospho-p65NFκB, Cox-2, and IL-8. (A), Immunohistochemistry was performed to measure the expression of phospho-p65NFκB, Cox-2 and IL-8 in tumor tissues derived from control and/or treated mice on week 6. (B), Expression of phospho-p65NFκB, Cox-2, IL-8 and β-actin in tumor tissues derived on week 6 were measured by the Western blot analysis. (C), NFκB-DNA binding activity. Nuclear extracts were prepared from tumor tissues derived from different treatment groups on week 6. NFκB-DNA binding activity was measured by Gelshift assay as described in Materials and Methods. The relative nuclear NFκB-DNA binding activities were quantified by scanning densitometry.

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