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Figure 3

From: Small interfering RNA targeting CDC25B inhibits liver tumor growth in vitro and in vivo

Figure 3

Suppression of CDC25B expression by siRNA2-CDC25B inhibits cell proliferation, migration, and invasion. A) The growth rates of siRNA2-CDC25B transfected and control cells were determined using the proliferation assay described under 'Materials and Methods'. The data were obtained from three independent experiments, with triplicates in each experiment. B) Invasion and migration of siRNA2-CDC25B transfected and control cells were assessed 48 hours post-transfection, using BD Biocoat Matrigel and control chambers respectively. Invaded or migrated cells were stained and counted (per high power field, HPF). Columns, mean of three independent experiments; bars, SD; *P < 0.01 for siRNA2-CDC25B versus siRNA-N transfected cells.

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