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Figure 2

From: Molecular analysis reveals heterogeneity of mouse mammary tumors conditionally mutant for Brca1

Figure 2

Characterization of Brca1 cell lines (A) Unsupervised Hierarchical Cluster of original tumors (0) and cell lines using the 1660 probes that in addition to passing intensity and missing-value filters had a minimum 2.5-fold expression change in either direction from the median value in at least 20% of samples (most variable genes). (B) Unsupervised Hierarchical Cluster of the original tumors 0_A1 and 0_B1 along with the cell lines derived from them. Cluster was based on the 914 genes reporting at least 4-fold difference in expression ratios between original tumor 0_A1 vs original tumor 0_B1. (C) Cell lines were stained with specific fluorescently-conjugated mAb to Cytokeratin 18, Platelet-derived growth factor receptor (Pdgfr) α or β, as indicated, in parallel with appropriate isotype control-matched mAb and analyzed by flow cytometry. In the histograms shown, the thick black line represents positive staining and the gray filled lines represent the isotype control-matched staining. The percent of positive cells after compensation is shown on the upper right of each panel.

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