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Figure 2

From: Down-regulation of transforming growth factor-β type II receptor (TGF-βRII) protein and mRNA expression in cervical cancer

Figure 2

Representative in situ RT-PCR (A-D) and immunohistochemical (E-H) detection of TGF-β2 in cervical tissue. Shown are histological cross-sections of the mouse cervical tract from Nt-E, Nt+E, E7-E and E7+E mice. Figure 2A and E: Nt-E mice; (B and F): Nt+E mice; (C and G): E7-E mice; (D and H): E7+E mice. In both cases (mRNA, protein), signal was mainly cytoplasmic (indicated by black arrows for in situ RT-PCR). TGF-β2 mRNA and protein levels were increased throughout multiple layers of cells in LSILs (C and G) and CIS (D and H) arising from K14-E7 transgenic mice, whereas weaker TGF-β2 mRNA and protein expression was detected in the normal cervical squamous epithelium (A and E) and hyperplastic lesions (B and F) arising from nontransgenic mice. These experiments are representative of five separate experiments (all micrographs at 400× magnification).

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