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Figure 3

From: Down-regulation of transforming growth factor-β type II receptor (TGF-βRII) protein and mRNA expression in cervical cancer

Figure 3

Representative in situ RT-PCR (A-D) and immunohistochemical (E-H) determination of TGF-βRII in cervical tissue. Shown are histological cross-sections of the mouse cervical tract from Nt-E, Nt+E, E7-E and E7+E mice. Figure 3A and E: Nt-E mice; (B and F): Nt+E mice; (C and G): E7-E mice; (D and H): E7+E mice. In both cases (mRNA, protein), signal was mainly cytoplasmic (indicated by black arrows for in situ RT-PCR). TGF-βRII mRNA and protein expression was increased in hyperplastic lesions arising from Nt+E mice (B and F) but note that staining was lower in E7-E (C and G) and E7+E mice (D and H) in comparison with Nt-E mice (A and E). These experiments are representative of five separate experiments (all micrographs at 400× magnification).

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