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Figure 11

From: Rhabdomyosarcoma cells show an energy producing anabolic metabolic phenotype compared with primary myocytes

Figure 11

HCCH TOCSY spectrum of myocyte cell extract. 48 h myoctye cells and 24 h Rh30 cells grown in the presence of [U-13C]-glucose were extracted as described in the methods. 1D NMR spectra were recorded at 18.8 T as described in the methods and elsewhere[35]. The HCCH TOCSY spectrum of the myocyte extract was recorded with a mixing time of 12 ms showing cross peak patterns of consecutively labeled carbons of glycogen resonances, G6P and fully labeled ribose moieties of nucleotides (e.g. 5'AXP), lactate, Ala, and Glu.

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