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Figure 9

From: Rhabdomyosarcoma cells show an energy producing anabolic metabolic phenotype compared with primary myocytes

Figure 9

TOCSY Spectra of Rh30 cell extract. Expansion of the spectrum shown in Figure 8. A. Glu/Ala/Lac region expansion from A. The boxes show the 13C satellite peaks for Ala, Lac and Glu and the absence of labeling in Pro and Thr. Ala and lactate show only fully unlabeled and fully labeled cross peak patterns, whereas the Glu cross peak patterns exhibit both singly and doubly labeled isotopomer species (cf. [35]. B. The partial TOCSY spectral region displays the cross-peak patterns of singly and doubly labeled species for the 5- and 6-ring protons of 5'UXP.

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