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Figure 1

From: The sonic hedgehog signaling pathway is reactivated in human renal cell carcinoma and plays orchestral role in tumor growth

Figure 1

All the SHH signaling pathway components are expressed in human CRCC cells independently of VHL expression. (A) Western blot analysis of the SHH ligand in human CRCC cell lysates incubated with antibodies against human SHH ligand and corresponding β-actin. The expression of the ligand was assessed in 786-0 cells either untransfected (786-0 wt) or transfected with the vector alone (786-0 V), the full-length human VHL cDNA (786-0 VHL) or truncated inactive VHL cDNA sequence (786-0 ΔVHL), as well as in a panel of human CRCC cell lines either deficient in VHL expression (Deficient in VHL) or expressing VHL (Expressing VHL). The gels shown are representative for at least 3 independent experiments. (B) Quantitative gene expression of SHH ligand, of Ptch1 and Smo receptors, and of the Glis transcription factors (Gli1, Gli2 and Gli3) in the same panel of cells depicted in (A). Results are shown as mean ± SEM, n = 4.

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