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Figure 4

From: The sonic hedgehog signaling pathway is reactivated in human renal cell carcinoma and plays orchestral role in tumor growth

Figure 4

The inhibition of the SHH signaling pathway induces human CRCC cells apoptosis. FACS analysis of 786-0 treated in control (Ctl) or with cyclopamine (Cyclopamine) at 20 μM. (A) Exemples of FACS analysis (day 4). No evidence of necrosis was observed in any cases. (B) Quantitative analysis of apoptotic cells as a function of the time of treatments. Results are shown as mean ± SEM, n = 6 *, P < 0.05 and **, P < 0.01 from Ctl apoptosis. Bars, 5 μm.

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