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Figure 2

From: Overexpression of the ATP binding cassette gene ABCA1 determines resistance to Curcumin in M14 melanoma cells

Figure 2

Curcumin does not down-regulate NFκB in Melanoma cells. a) Analysis of the binding of nuclear proteins from M14 melanoma cells to an oligo specific to the p65 binding site present in various promoters by EMSA revealed that Curcumin treatment did not alter p65 activity. There was no clear difference between the bands of treated (lane 2: 2 h; lane 3: 4 h; lane 4: 6 h) and untreated (lane 1) M14 cells using 10 μg of nuclear protein incubated with the 32P-labeled oligonucleotide. b) Immunofluorescent NFκB translocation assays using specific antibodies against the p65 unit show that NFκB is located both in the nucleus and the cytoplasm without any difference between Curcumin treated (lower panel) and untreated (upper panel) cells. (A, F: DAPI; B, G: p65; C, H: DAPI&p65). Experiments were performed in triplicates. Magnification ×200

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