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Figure 3

From: Overexpression of the ATP binding cassette gene ABCA1 determines resistance to Curcumin in M14 melanoma cells

Figure 3

a) Gene expression values of CXCL1 in normal skin (NS), normal human melanocytes (NHM), melanomas in situ (MIS), primary (PM) and metastatic (MM) melanomas were obtained from oligonucleotide microarray data. The expression values of single samples (symbols) and the mean expression level (lines) are reported. b) CXCL1 expression during progression from normal human melanocytes (1) to melanoma in situ (2), primary (3) and metastatic (4) melanoma. There is a significant trend to increased CXCL1 expression during melanoma progression. c) qRT-PCR analysis of M14 melanoma cells shows that treatment with Curcumin for several time periods (2, 4, 6, 15 and 24 h) did not effect CXCL1 expression. d) Well in line with RT-PCR results, CXCL1 expression visualized here by Western Blots of cell culture supernatants was not altered in M14 cells treated for several time intervals (6 h, 15 h, 24 h) with Curcumin (lanes indicated with "+") versus respective un-treated (lanes indicated with "-") cells. Equal amounts of total protein were applied per lane and experiments were performed in triplicate.

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