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Table 3 Function of selected Cox-2 dependent genes shown in Figure 3

From: Identification of novel Cyclooxygenase-2-dependent genes in Helicobacter pylori infection in vivo

Gene Function. Remarks Reference
Galr1 Receptor for galanin, pain perception, inhibits basal and gastrin-induced acid secretion  
Tjp1 Tight junction protein, epithelial integrity. H. pylori interaction [57]
Gdf3 Regulator of cell growth and differentiation  
Igf2 Cell growth/control [40]
Ifngr Inflammation [46]
Inhibits plasminogen activator. important role in cell matrix degradation. gastrin dependent [32, 30]
Ptch Cell fate. tumor suppressor  
Mycs Oncogene. mediates apoptosis [37]
Tff1 Protects mucosa from insults. stabilizes mucus layer. epithelial healing. suppresses proliferation [39]
Iigp- pend.
& Igtp
Regulates anti-microbial activities of IFNγ in a STAT 1 dependent manner  
Spi1-1-3 Tissue scavenger of leukocyte elastase  
Aqp5 Water transport.  
Gast Regulation of gastric acid secretion. Growth factor activity in gastric mucosa. Selective inhibition of Cox-2 reverses trophic activity. [31, 33, 34]
Hspa1a Heat shock protein, chaperone.  
Icam1 Mediates lymphocyte migration. [48, 49]
Mediates lymphocyte migration [50]
Clu Inhibits apoptosis, levels elevated in both mouse and human tumours  
Ly64, MUC13 In concert with TLR4, controls B cell recognition and signalling of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)  
Ambp, bikunin Suppresses urokinase expression and tumour metastasis [38]
Ddb1 DNA repair protein  
Defcr Anti microbial peptide [25]
  1. Literature references are shown for genes previously reported or investigated in connection with H. pylori infection.